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The Biennial Crypto Symposium dates March 22, 23, 24 - 2018
Contact: Crypto Director: Jeff Law <>

  This is a combined event of two conferences, CC-AWA and Cryptosymposium,
The registration fees
for both conferences are posted on the 2016 registration page:
Antique Radio Charlotte 2016 and Charlotte International Crypto Symposium

You can pay at the door, paying in advance will save you a few bucks.
There's a printable pre-registration form on the web page.

See Charlotte's UNCC Cyrillic Projector,
By Artist James Sanborn



Located on the west side of
beautiful Charlotte North Carolina, the Sheraton has provided great facilities for the AWA conference for the past 16 years.

Dates March 24, 25, 26 2016

Register Now:

This registration covers both the Cryptologic Symposium and the Antique Radio Charlotte event. The following link takes you to the

Dining Area

We had several people who went to see the
Cyrillic Projector during the 2016 symposium.
But it was a bit misty, rainy.
But enjoyed it.

The Cyrillic Projector was originally a piece displayed in Sanborn's gallery shows in the early 1990s. In 1997, it was installed permanently at the
University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Look for the New Eye Spy Ad
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Eye Spy

Dissection and Autopsy of a German Enigma Machine
Tom Perera disassembles an
Enigma. See Schedule

David Hatch
David Hatch, NSA Senior Historian

The Enigma Shop

Some Enigma Shop Restorations



About the 4rd Charlotte Crypto Symposium March 22, 23, 24, 2018:

Policy Statement: A Non-Profit event:

Antique Radio Charlotte is a purely non profit event and the Carolinas Chapter of the AWA (CC-AWA) is a not for profit club. We all have to pay our own way. We only charge enough registration fees to hopefully pay for the event, we're not here to make a profit.

This is a combined event.
Click for more info.

The Charlotte Cryptologic Symposium is teaming up with the Carolina's chapter of the Antique Wireless Association.


Hosted by Antique Radio Charlotte.

The event name is Antique Radio Charlotte

Ron Lawrence is chairman of Antique Radio Charlotte and president of the CC-AWA

Jim Oram is conference chairman of the Cryptologic event.


Webmaster JW Oram

Additional Links:

Photos of prior Symposiums, including NSA / NCMF / CCH