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Updated 3/28/2016

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The 3rd Biennial Crypto Symposium dates March 24, 25, 26 - 2016

To all those who attended the 2016 Symposium:
Fair winds and following seas
on your trip back home.
By all accounts it was a great success.
Thanks Very Kindly, Jim.

  This is a combined event of two conferences, CC-AWA and Cryptosymposium,
The registration fees
for both conferences are posted on the 2016 registration page:
Antique Radio Charlotte 2016 and Charlotte International Crypto Symposium
You can pay at the door, paying in advance will save you a few bucks.
There's a printable pre-registration form on the web page.

See Charlotte's UNCC Cyrillic Projector,
By Artist James Sanborn



Ron Lawrence will open the Crypto Symposium with a short talk about all the events going on in the hotel and about antique radio collecting and how this came about.

Speakers signing up for 2016:

Jerry McCarthy    Bio: click here
Jerry McCarthy

"Computer simulation of the Turing-Welchman Bombe"

"Simulation Techniques of 'Cyklometr Rejewskiego' "

Jerry McCarthy
Bio: Jerry McCarthy
United Kingdom.


Jim Oram Bio: click here

"Repairing and restoring Enigmas"

Building the Enigma cabinet for Bletchley
the Imitation Game
A17534 Jim Oram

Bio: Nicholas Gessler
Information Science & Information Studies

A crypto retrospective
Nicholas Gessler


Four unique artifacts will be on display:
  • The 1665 Nicolas Bion silver polyalphabetic cipher disk
    of King Louis XIV.
  • The 1777 Aspinwall Cypher, a loyalist key from the
    American Revolutionary War.
  • The Cook Cryptograph, a dekstop mechanical analog
    computer and its electronic descendant.
  • The cryptographic wartime origins of Hans Peter Luhn's Key Word In Context (KWIC).

  • Debbie Desch Anderson:   click here
    Debbie will be speaking at the
    2016 CryptoSymposium

    Joe Desch, Designer of the
    Navy Cryptanalytic Bombe

    Joe Desch
    Joe Desch
    "Joe W8ANP"
    "Joe Desch and Ham Radio"

    Richard Brisson:  click here

    His career at CSEC largely involved duties that encompassed various fields of Mathematics and Computer Science - he is also a graduate of NSA's 3-year Cryptologic Mathematics Program. Over the last 20 years, he has been collecting vintage cryptographic and clandestine artifacts dating up to and including the Cold War.

    "The Imitation Game" & "Breaking the Code"

    David Hamer   click here

    David hamer, Historian,
    The National Museum of Computing
    Bletchley Park, UK
    Consultant and Visiting Researcher.

    "Colossus at UK's National Museum of Computing"

    Kryptos and the Cyrillic Projector Ciphers:

        In the courtyard at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, stands the encrypted Kryptos sculpture, designed by Artist
    James Sanborn. Its thousands of characters contain encoded messages, three of which have been solved. The fourth part, 97 characters at the very bottom, has withstood cryptanalysis for decades. Many know of Kryptos, but fewer know that the artist who created Kryptos, Jim Sanborn, has also created other encrypted sculptures.
       The ciphers on one, the Cyrillic Projector here in Charlotte, was cracked in 2003 by an international team spearheaded by Elonka Dunin.

    Special Note:
       Also in the planning is a field trip to UNC to see the Cyrillic Projector.
       The best viewing is at night, it lights up the whole mathematics court yard as seen in the picture to the right.
    Tentatively, the trip will begin around 9PM ~10PM, Saturday 26,
    so allow time in your schedule for this UNC trip.

        For those attendee's coming in by plane, there is a van on Saturday evening for transportation to UNC and the Cryllic Projector site.

    NSA/CCH Historian, Bio: David Hatch


    Dr. David Hatch
    Senior Historian
    National Security Agency
    Center for
    Cryptologic History.


    "The Original Eavesdroppers: American Radio Intelligence, 1900 to World War I."


    Craig Bauer Bio: click here
    Craig Unsolved!
    History's Greatest Ciphers

    York College of Pennsylvania
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Life Sciences Building,
    Room 120  

    Glen Miranker Glen Miranker

    Held executive positions at several Silicon Valley start-ups, Miranker was invited by Steve Jobs to join Next Computer in 1990 and Apple Computer in 1996. For most of his tenure at Apple, he ran hardware development and served as Apple’s
    Chief Technology Officer (Hardware)

    See all Glen's Bio here.  

    Marc Simons: Bio click here
    Marc Simons

    Paul and Marc run the
    Crypto Museum website
    , where detailed information about their objects can be found. For the time being, this is a virtual museum.

    The talk will be:
    The Enigma Tree.

    Paul Reuvers: Bio click here
    Paul Reuvers

    Enigma computer simulations for a variety of platforms.

    Klaus Schmeh Bio: click here
    Craig The Early Bird not always Catches the Worm:
    Cipher Machines before 1920

    His avocation is working as a science writer specializing in the history of cryptology.


    George Lasry click here
    George Lasry Subject:
    "Deciphering ADFGVX German messages from WW1".

    George Lasry
    Biography: is a PhD student at the University of Kassel in Germany and a Staff Software Engineer at Google in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
    George Lasry is the co-author of five Cryptologia articles.

    Ben Gatti Bio click here
    Ben Gatti

    Ben Gatti,


    Turing, Enigma, Colossus & DES?


    George Keller George Keller,
    - Member of the "Prestigious" U.S. Navy Cryptologic Veterans Assn. and NCVA, N.E. chapter. ,

    "The Original
    WWII Code Breakers"


    George Keller
    For 16 years I was a local police officer with Leicestershire Constabulary. After that I went back to University and trained as a school teacher.

    John Alexander
    A collector from the UK:

    I'm planning to show & describe my Differensbildungs device and the (currently) unknown & unnamed M94-reminiscent device.

    "They Just Keep Coming!"



    Tom Perera: Bio click here
    Tom Perera: Clandestine “SPY” Radio Operations
    The Indiana Jones of Cryptology.
    Speaker Tom with Enigmas
    Tom Perera is a retired professor of neuroscience who has been collecting, researching, writing and lecturing about Enigma machines for many years.

    Tom has made many Videos of Cryptographic machines.
    Tom Perera and Dan Perera will give the talk.

    Selected videos will be shown during the conference.

    Tom's book, "Inside Enigma" will be available.

    Inside Enigma Enigma


    Speakers Page.


    Located on the west side of
    beautiful Charlotte North Carolina, the Sheraton has provided great facilities for the AWA conference for the past 16 years.

    Dates March 24, 25, 26 2016

    Register Now:

    This registration covers both the Cryptologic Symposium and the Antique Radio Charlotte event. The following link takes you to the Registration page

    Dining Area

    We had several people who went to see the
    Cyrillic Projector during the 2016 symposium.
    But it was a bit misty, rainy.
    But enjoyed it.

    The Cyrillic Projector was originally a piece displayed in Sanborn's gallery shows in the early 1990s. In 1997, it was installed permanently at the
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte.


    Look for the New Eye Spy Ad
    This is the new2016 Advert
    Eye Spy

    Dissection and Autopsy of a German Enigma Machine
    Tom Perera disassembles an
    Enigma. See Schedule

    David Hatch
    David Hatch, NSA Senior Historian

    The Enigma Shop

    Some Enigma Shop Restorations



    About the 3rd Charlotte Crypto Symposium March 24, 25, 26, 2016:

    Policy Statement: A Non-Profit event:

    Antique Radio Charlotte is a purely non profit event and the Carolinas Chapter of the AWA (CC-AWA) is a not for profit club. We all have to pay our own way. We only charge enough registration fees to hopefully pay for the event, we're not here to make a profit.

    This is a combined event.
    Click for more info.

    The Charlotte Cryptologic Symposium is teaming up with the Carolina's chapter of the Antique Wireless Association.


    Hosted by Antique Radio Charlotte.

    The event name is Antique Radio Charlotte

    Ron Lawrence is chairman of Antique Radio Charlotte and president of the CC-AWA

    Jim Oram is conference chairman of the Cryptologic event.


    Webmaster JW Oram

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    First movie (2002) of the replica Enigma ....... AVI ..... WMV

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