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Under constant updating: updated 3/19/2016

  Dates March 24, 25, 26 - 2016

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Bio: Jerry McCarthy
Jerry McCarthy


"Computer simulation of the Turing-Welchman Bombe"

T-WB is visible here:


"Simulation Techniques of 'Cyklometr Rejewskiego' "

Speaker :
Jerry McCarthy Bio: Jerry McCarthy - United Kingdom.
Jerry's day job used to be to write software, in areas such as cryptography and internationalization, for a global computing company. Since his recent retirement, he now volunteers at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), which is situated within the Bletchley Park Campus. There, he talks to visitors about, inter alia, Tunny, Colossus, and the Museum's slide rule collection.

Jerry is not rich enough to be a full-time cryptocollector, but is interested in crypto simulation techniques, which allow virtual acquisition of crypto hardware without needing to find the space to store it. Jerry's house is definitely not big enough for a Colossus!


Bio: Nicholas Gessler
Jerry McCarthy


"A crypto retrospective"


Speaker : Nicholas Gessler
Information Science & Information Studies:

Four unique artifacts will be on display:

  • The 1665 Nicolas Bion silver polyalphabetic cipher disk
    of King Louis XIV.
  • The 1777 Aspinwall Cypher, a loyalist key from the
    American Revolutionary War.
  • The Cook Cryptograph, a dekstop mechanical analog
    computer and its electronic descendant.
  • The cryptographic wartime origins of Hans Peter Luhn's
    Key Word In Context (KWIC).


    Bio: Debbie Desch Anderson  


    "Joe W8ANP"

    Debbie Desch Anderson...
    From Dayton Ohio,
    Will be speaking at the
    2016 CryptoSymposium:

    Joe Desch Bombe
    Debbies Father, Joe Desch
    "Joe Desch and Ham Radio", "Joe W8ANP"

      NSA/CCH Historian David Hatch  

    Dr. David Hatch,
    Senior Historian

    National Security Agency
    Center for Cryptologic History.


    "The Original Eavesdroppers: American Radio Intelligence, 1900 to World War I."



    Bio: Richard Brisson: Canada,

        Richard Brisson is a graduate from the University of Ottawa (B.Sc. Math-Physics in 1978 and M.Sc Systems Science in 1980.
        Upon graduation, he was hired by the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) from which he recently retired. His career at CSEC largely involved duties that encompassed various fields of Mathematics and Computer Science - he is also a graduate of NSA's 3-year Cryptologic Mathematics Program. Over the last 20 years, he has been collecting vintage cryptographic and clandestine artifacts dating up to and including the Cold War.

    Title: "The Imitation Game" & "Breaking the Code" -
    Review of What's Fact & What's Fiction
    Presenter: Richard Brisson

    The movie "The Imitation Game" and play "Breaking the Code" are both based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. They cover the story of Alan Turing while interleaving three periods of his life: i) his teen years at a British boarding school, ii) when he recruited by Bletchley Park and joins a team to break Enigma, and iii) the 1951 police investigation into an alleged break-in at his home in 1951. For the general viewing public, the movie TIG was an excellent success especially given the story and quality of actors involved. There has been great debate about what is fact and what is fiction in both movie and play versions and this talk will discuss lists of them.

    Alternate: for AWA (Antique Wireless Association)
    Title: Transforming one's cryptologic collection into a main exhibit at the "National Air Force Museum of Canada"
    Presenter: Richard Brisson
    Abstract: With two years of negotiation and preparation, my collection of cryptologic and espionage artifacts (mainly WW2 and Cold War) is being transferred to the National Air Force Museum of Canada which is located in Trenton Ontario. It will form a 1500 square feet exhibit which will include both real tradecraft, children's toys and decoders related to secret writing and the art of spying, and including memorabilia from radio/TV shows and movies since the 1930's. This presentation will cover the before (the collection in my basement) and the after (exhibit at the museum) and the pros and cons of working with a museum on such a collection.
    Richard's website:


    Richard BrissonRichard Brisson


    Bio: Craig Bauer
        York College of Pennsylvania
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Life Sciences Building,
    Room 120

    Abstract: Unsolved! History's Greatest Ciphers
    While developments in cryptanalysis have forced enciphering techniques to become more and more sophisticated, there remain scores of ciphers stretching back to antiquity that remain unsolved. These were created variously by professional cryptographers, amateurs, artists, killers, and victims. In some cases the identity of the author is also unknown.
    The talk covers many of these mysteries, along with some mathematics that provides a glimmer of hope for those seeking the solutions. These solutions could reveal the identity of a serial killer or spy, provide the exact location of buried treasure worth millions, expose a secret society, illuminate our understanding of ancient history, or even rewrite the history of science.


    Craig BauerCraig Bauer


    Bio: Klaus Schmeh


    Klaus Schmeh (born in 1970) is a German computer scientist focusing on encryption technology.

    His avocation is working as a science writer specializing in the history of cryptology.

    His latest book "Nicht zu Knacken" (Hanser 2012) examines
    the ten most interesting historic cryptograms.


    Craig BauerKlaus Schmeh

    Full Bio: David Hamer

    The National Museum of Computing
    Bletchley Park, UK
    Consultant and Visiting Researcher.

    David's Topic:
    "Colossus at UK's National Museum of Computing"



      Marc Simons  


    Paul Reuvers

    Paul and Marc run the Crypto Museum.
    Crypto Museum website, where detailed information about their objects can be found.
    For the time being, this is a virtual museum.


    The talk Topic will be: The Enigma Tree.




    Enigma Simulators  

    Paul and Marc have developed a number of Enigma computer simulations for a variety of platforms.

    Link: a list of popular Enigma simulations.


    Glen Miranker Glen Miranker

    Glen Miranker graduated sum cum laude from Yale College in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.
    He holds both Masters (1977) and Doctor of Philosophy (1979) degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was supported in his studies as a fellow of the John and Fanny Hertz Foundation.

    On graduation, Miranker designed special-purpose machine architectures at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY) and taught introductory graduate courses in VLSI design as an adjunct professor at Columbia University.

    See the rest of Glen's Bio here.  

    George Lasry

    George Lasry

    Biography: George Lasry is a PhD student at the University of Kassel in Germany and a Staff Software Engineer at Google in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
    George Lasry is the co-author of five Cryptologia articles.

    "Deciphering ADFGVX German messages from WW1"

    A new article for the Cryptologia paper:
    The work is about the decryption, for the first time in nearly 100 years (and for some messages, for the first time ever), of a collection of 460 original WW1 German messages from the Eastern Front in 1918, encrypted using the ADFGVX cipher.
    I will provide details about the cipher and this particular collection,
    the process of deciphering the messages, and some exciting material
    contained in the transcripts.



    Turing, Enigma, Colossus & DES?

    About Ben:
    Born to hippies in the late 60's, Benjamin Gatti grew up in California and taught himself electronics and software, travelled the World in the 90's, married abroad, and settled in Charlotte, North Carolina where he works as an independent software slacker.


    Benjamin Gatti

    Ben Gatti

    George Keller,

    "The Original WWII Code Breakers"

    Home of record:
    Living in Port Jervis, N.Y.
    Retiring in 2008 with wife, Ann and dog Edddie. (3d's)

    - Grad of "RCA Institute" in New York City. #1 in class, (If you are holding the list upside-down).

    - Member of the "Prestigious" U.S. Navy Cryptologic Veterans Assn. and NCVA, N.E. chapter.

    - Retired (30 Yr.) US Navy, CWO4, Started out as a "Matman" Naval Security Group". Active Duty at Bremerhaven Germany and as USNR around Europe, the Caribbean, NSA and other places in the US.

    - Retired from CBS, New York, 42 years,
    Tech Maint. Supervisor, primarily in video tape and editing systems maintenance. In the 60's operated and maintained the CBS (Ch. 2 TV and FM (101.1) transmitters atop the Empire State Building in NYC. On many occasions climbed the antenna to spot problems. (Kinda like King Kong, but without the girl).

    - Been ham radio operator since the 50's,
    (call sign W2DM, (ex - DL4KG and W2QNF,
    Ann is now W2QNF) hold Extra Class ham license, First Class Radiotelephone Operators License (Now General Radio License) and Second Class Radio Telegraph Operators License, (Now Radio Telegraph Operator License) both with "Radar Endorsement". Member of Sussex County (N.J.) Amateur Radio Club.

    - 32nd Degree Mason, member of "The Lodge of the United Services, New York's military lodge, A.A.S.R., N.J. and Salaam Temple, Fairfield, N.J.

    - Ann and I love to attend NCVA and NCVA-NE reunions as well as annual trip to Bletchley Park in the U.K. for the reunions of the original WWII code breakers.

    G Keller
    George Keller.

    George Keller

    John Alexander
    A collector from the UK:

    Title: "They Just Keep Coming!"
    I'm planning to show & describe my Differensbildungs device and the (currently) unknown & unnamed M94-reminiscent device.

    For 18 years I was a local police officer with Leicestershire Constabulary. After that I went back to University and trained as a school teacher.



    Bio: Jim Oram
    Jim Oram in Shop
    In the Enigma Shop


    "Repairing and restoring Enigmas"


    Speaker : Jim Oram
    James W. ‘Jim’ Oram is a graduate electronics and software engineer who received his degree from the DeVry Institute in Chicago. Based in Charlotte, NC, he is currently a self-employed consultant in such diverse fields as WiFi alert systems and computer-controlled pumping equipment for a number of hi-tech companies in the US. Several years ago Jim became interested in the history and mechanical details of the WW2 German Enigma system, applying his skills to their maintenance, repair and development: he is kept busy using those skills regularly on behalf of NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum, several other institutions and a number of private owners of these increasingly rare and valuable machines.


    Bio: Tom Perera ....

    About Tom:

    Tom Perera received his doctorate from Columbia University where he taught and researched in the field of Brain science and coding strategies of the nervous system for 35 years. He has been hunting for, collecting, studying, and writing and lecturing on the German Enigma for over 25 years.

    Tom's website

    Talks :
    1) Dissection and Autopsy of a German Enigma Machine:
        A real-time, hands-on disassembly and analysis (with Dan Perera)  of an Enigma machine.

    2) Enigma Adventures: The Excitement of the Hunt for Enigma Machines    and Information.

    3) Enigma Declassified: New Discoveries:
        NeuroCryptology, TICOM, Alan Turing and Sabotage..

    Tom with Enigmas






    Bio: Jim Oram of will be speaking on:
    " Restoration techniques of the Enigma"

    Jim will present the
    "Bletchley Park 70th Enigma Reunion" video made on his 2009 trip the Bletchley.

    * Inside Bletchley Park itself, with the historical features.  
    * The Turing Bombe in operation, with inside views.  
    * The Colossus Mark II, in operation, with all inside views of 2500 tubes and special cooling system.  
    * The Turing Memorial .  
    * Views of the 'HUTS' .  
    * The Lancaster Bomber flyover .  

    This 35 minute video is all about Bletchley Park and the return of Codebreaking Veterans including Mavis Lever - the young girl who broke the Italian Enigma cipher which led to the battle of Cape MataPan in March 1941.

    The session includes showing of a presentation on restoration process.

    Jim, photo taken at his shop

    Bletchley Park Video by....
    Jim Oram : 35 min

    Video includes Tony Sale and Colossus operating

    A1214 ~Italian Navy ~1932


    Bio: Ron Lawrence welcome and introductions.

    Ron Lawrence w4ron is President of the Carolinas Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association and also Chairman of their annual conference "Antique Radio Charlotte" for more than 25 years. He has been a antique radio collector for more than 40 years having bought his first old radio while still in high school.
    He was trained in US Air Force Crypto maintenance in the early 70s.
    He's been a Ham Radio operator for just over 20 years.
    He got interested in Enigma machines after meeting Jim Oram when they both worked for the same company.
    He assisted Jim in the restoration of A17105 for the National Cryptologic Museum.
    He got the idea for hosting a meeting of crypto collectors and historians during "Antique Radio Charlotte" after the subject of having a U.S. Crypto conference was discussed on the Crypto Collectors YahooGroup email reflector.

    Ron's Special Links:
    Radio Heaven
    and U-Tube Videos .

    Ron Lawrence at the Enigma Shop



    There is a tentative plan for the NCMF
    National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, to set up a display of some type.
    View NCMF events calendar:NSA - CSS


    the science or study of analysing and deciphering codes, ciphers, etc; cryptanalysis




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