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  Photos are of the 2012 symposium.
Buy and Sell loads of Antique Radios or Crypto machines. Flea Market:

If you have anything Crypto related stuff.... bring it!


The Flea Market at Antique Radio Charlotte starts on Friday morning at 8AM. The market starts off with our now famous LeMans start, this is where everyone has to be outside the entrance gate before 8am. At 8am everyone rushes in and the fun is on. We discovered a long time ago that if we didn't control the start time of the Flea Market folks would be out at 5am with flashlights. The one rule we have at the conference is;

There will be NO Buying, Selling, or Displaying of items for sale before 8am Friday morning.

Everyone that registers for the conference is welcome to talk part in the Flea Market. Either Buying or Selling. Flea Market spaces, as well as tables in the Crypto Charlotte meeting room are $30 each by Pre-Registration, $35 at the door, each additional table or vendor space is $20.

Display table space - not used for selling - is FREE, please don't abuse this.

The Flea Market will run all day Friday and Saturday.

Breakfast and Lunch Friday, and Breakfast Saturday will be available from the food cart in the Registration Tent.


Some things you might see:
Rare Antique Radios and Cryptographic machines:
The LeMans Start:



  This is a combined event. The Charlotte Cryptologic Symposium is teaming up with the Carolina's chapter of the Antique Wireless Association.

A Printable Form:

General Admission and Vendor Space Rental